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Auretiel applies Holistic Health. It means that we are focused on the whole person, not just the malady itself.
With the help of therapeutic conversations we discuss how private, occupational backgrounds and the personal history affect your health so that we are able to create an individual diagnosis and start the appropriate therapy.
For that the Auretiel-team thinks it is especially important to use gentle medication and treatments to not weaken the body's healing powers, but to support them.


Diagnostic is of main importance to me in my work. There are different ways to look at a health problem: Normal medicine (allopathic), Iris - Diagnostic, the anthroposophic understanding of human beings, from the point of view of the Japanese or the traditional Chinese medicine. This mixture guarantees that a problem is not looked at just from one point of view but that the whole human is in the centre of attention.

  • General health practitioner specialized in alternative healing
  • Diagnosis (allopathic medical and alternative medical)
  • Medication with mainly alternative medical resources
  • Acupressure (Shiatsu)
  • Various massages (treatment of muscular and psychological problems)
  • Dorn-Method (static problems - bone system treatment)
  • Psychological counselling
  • General health counselling

Holistic Diagnostics

Usually diagnostics only focus on the location of the body where a person has a problem and/or pain. In the holistic way of diagnosis we see the human being and the state it is in as a result of experiences and life cirumstances. Because of that the source of a problem is not clearly at the point of distress but can be located elsewhere in the body or even the mind. Through careful observation, questions about the environment of the person and diagnostic treatments, we try to see the health problem in the context of the whole life of our clients.

Shiatsu (Acupressure)

Shiatsu is not only a type of massage but a full philosophy from Far East and has great overlapping with the traditional Chinese medicine. With Shiatsu it is possible to treat acute and chronic pain and also treating the energy ow in a person and bringing harmony to the spirit. It is a good way to do diagnosics too. While in Shiatsu the physiclly treatment plays the main role, herbal based medicines are a very important part of the therapy. The duration depends on the case.

Pressel Massage

The Massage by Simeon Pressel got created in a Russian war prison by Simeon Pressel and saved some war prisoners from sickness and death. After the war the massage was continued to be developed by Pressel and the antroposophic doctor Gretel Stritzel. It is a streaming massage which allows energy to run free again through the human and is giving in this way clarity and power to the spirit and fexibility and ease to the body. The treatment consits of two parts. One for the legs as well as the sacrum and the back and the neck as the second part. Each part takes about one hour and will be applied on different days. The massage should be received throughout a longer period of time to gain the best effect.

The 'Dorn' Method

Dorn treatments are a very gentle way to treat the spine and the static system of the body and can effectively solve joints related problems. Leg length adjustment, hip balancing correctness and spine adjustment are the main application areas for this form of therapy. The kind of symptoms are also a hint for mental disbalance which also will be effected by the treatment. The treatment duration is approximately one hour and has possibly to be repeated after a few days.

Breuss Massage

Breuss Massages are a perfect complement to the Dorn-treatment, because it is extremely relaxing the body and makes it especially accessible for the treatment which makes the effect even more intense. The massage takes about half an hour.

Foot Refexology

Foot refexology massage is a way to effect the organs remotely by massaging the endpoints of the energy lines representing them and which are ending in hands, ears and feet. It is not only a pleasure for the feet but also by massaging the endpoints at the feet, the organs are receiving about 4x as much blood as before and can be supported more effectively with nutrients and kept clean from pollutants. The duration is about 40 min.


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'Medicus curat, natura sanat' A Doctor treats, nature heals. This is the ground principle a therapist should be guided of in contact with a patient. The main target is to discover the real source of the problem to give the patient the support to heal himself. Strengthen the immunsystem so it can be effective in fullflling the daily tasks. This help can be easily a consulting session or an intensive treatment of different kind.

Therapeutic network

Depending on the case the treatments can be e.g. massages, altenative medicine, cupping, ear candle treatment, homeopathy, Schüssler salts, herbalism, a.o. To receive the best possible result by treating the individual problems of individual people, it is very important to have a wide spectrum. But even studying all kinds of medicine for an entire life does not give one the ability to know everything and it is necessary to work together with a network of medical professionals. It is my true concern to help the people who fnd the way to me and I think the collaboration with other therapists is essential.

How it all started

As I was at the age of ten, my mom started an education for the massage created by Simeon Pressel with the antroposophic doctor Gretel Strizel as teacher. Besides of the massage, my mom was learning also about alternative medical treatments, which she applied if it was necessary.. In this way she put the cornerstone of my interest in the various spectras of the medicine in place.

By now I have studied in Düsseldorf/Germany to become a governmental recognised „Heilpraktiker“ (Healing Practitioner) and took courses in different felds in the area of healing treatments. The „Heilpraktiker“ is like a general doctor. He/her is caring about all kinds of health problems – just focusing on the alternative way of treatments.

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